Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Document icons missing in the search results

This week I had mounted a new server. When I configured Search I found that the documents icons (all types of documents) do not show in the search results page. When it comes to documents icons we always have to check the ...\12\TEMPLATE\XML\DocIcon.xml. The problem was that the file had two instances of the pdf mapping key and the gif file name which is in the mapping value had a blank space in it. I deleted one instance, corrected the gif file name and performed an IISRESET. After that, the icons displayed fine.

To summarize here is what I did :

- Verify that there are no double mapping keys
- Check the icons file names
- IIS reset or recycle the pools

Hope this helps someone.


  1. Thanks... this helped me a lot..

  2. I fought with this for a while and made sure there were'nt any duplicates in the file etc.

    Then I realized I used a Tab to indent the new-line. The original entries just use spaces...

    Well i replaced the tab with spaces and now it works.