Sunday, April 25, 2010

SharePoint 2007 : The incremental crawl never ends!

This is the second time my crawl sticks on indexing files. It shows that it has been crawling for 85 hours. To solve this problem, the first time, I remember, I had to restart the SharePoint services and initialize the index. This time, I do not know how that happened but I found out that on one WFE no SharePoint service was running! So, I started all needed services. When I went back to my Search settings, I found that the stuck crawl has ended. I launched an incremental crawl for all my content sources. Every thing has worked as expected. I am glad I did not have to reinitialize my index this time. I have more than 100000 items in it. It would take me hours to reconstruct it. I tested my search and it is working fine.

Hope this helps.

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